Cheminées Philippe Horama Wood Heater

The Cheminées Philippe Horama Wood Heater epitomises all of Cheminees Philippe’s values: design, quality, efficiency, comfort and safety. The new classic, streamlined firebox integrates beautifully into the modern architecturally designed home and fits superbly with classic décor too. The Horama’s quality cast iron firebox distributes the heat efficiently throughout the room, whilst the large, wide window provides mesmerising views of the dancing flames, creating an irresistible atmosphere of beauty and radiant warmth. Available also as a complete glass door version – The Horama Vitres.

Install freestanding or into a masonry surround, the Cheminées Philippe Horama Wood Heater is a beautiful, functional and value added fireplace. Designed to outlast trends the understated style of the Horama sets the perfect stage for beautiful fireside solutions. Boasting a finely crafted, durable cast iron body in a minimalist style, it’s a powerful performer delivering a super-efficient, slow combustion radiant warmth and an irresistible, glorious flame through its impressive wide glass door. With bold aesthetics, the Horama knows how to sit on the hearth with soul and style.

If suave and sophisticated is the look you’re after then you’ll love the Horama Vitreous. Offering a bigger transparent glass door you’ll appreciate the great views of the dancing flames combined with the same solid cast iron body of the Horama, delivering optimal radiant heating efficiency for pure warmth. Classy and refined, the Horama Vitreous has all the attributes to enrich any living space

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