Cheminées Philippe Radiante 700 Wood Heater

One of the most popular models in Cheminees Philippe’s Designer Collection is the classic French provincial styling of the Cheminées Philippe Radiante 700 Wood Heater. The original ‘Cheminees Philippe’ dual opening door mechanism with its unique retractable door for open fire enjoyment will transform immediately to an efficient, safe, slow combustion fire when the door is closed. The powerful heating ability and elegant detailing of the cast iron firebox are standout features of this classic French fire and a testament to the enduring beauty and effortless warmth you can expect only from a Cheminees Philippe fireplace.

Introducing the perfect embodiment of exquisite French fireplace design and craftsmanship, we are enthralled by the versatility of this beautiful, artisan fireplace. The Cheminées Philippe Radiante 700 Wood Heater is a pioneering marvel, being the first cast iron fireplace of its kind with a remarkable dual opening door system offering the best of both worlds; efficient slow combustion heating and real open fire warmth and pleasure. This expertly crafted and high performance fireplace is pure comfort and style.

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