Without the support of the people who surround us, we wouldn’t be able to showcase our true potential, and truly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without acknowledging this truth. At the heart of what we do, the love from our fellow designers, architects, builders, installers and put simply, creative geniuses, is inspirational, clever and functional when it comes to the true art of fireplace design.

Form Concrete Artisan_LorneHome_Wignells1
Form Concrete Artisan_LorneHome_Wignells2
Form Concrete Artisan_LorneHome_Wignells
Form Concrete Artisans

A small family owned business based on the Surfcoast, specialising in cast in-situ and precast concrete for all interior and architectural concrete applications.

Owners Nick and Jason work closely with their clients to deliver the highest quality products, handmade with care and integrity from start to finish.

Nick’s background is in carpentry and furniture making, along with a decade of experience with troweling ECC concrete. In contrast, Jason has spent the last 15 years perfecting his technique with all aspects of architectural concrete and GFRC. Between the two lads, there isn’t much in the world of concrete that Nick and Jason can’t achieve together.

(Image left) Concrete Fire Hearth & Rendered Wall Cheminees Philippe Radiante 800 – Lorne House

Concrete Wall – Stenson Rendering Concrete Plinth & Hearth – Form Concrete Studios

If you’re interested in adding concrete to your project or just curious as to where it can enhance your design, get in touch with us because we love to talk shop! We service all area including the Surfcoast, Geelong, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and all surrounding areas.

(Image right) Concrete Fire Hearth Cheminees Philippe  846 3V – Surf Coast Shire House
Builder – Great Ocean Road Builders 
Architect – Josh Crosbie Architects
All Stone Work – Form Concrete Studios

Lydia Maskiell Interior Designer_Wignells2
Lydia Maskiell Interior Designer_Wignells
Lydia Maskiell Interiors

This Cheminee Philippes fireplace was the perfect statement piece for this contemporary rustic home and in complete context with it’s native surroundings.

Nestled away in one of Tasmaina’s wine regions, running aches gorgeous green land. The idea was to create a living room that drew on the naturalness of the property, introducing materials that reflect the clients lifestyle, the land and ultimately the best products that were going to enhance the look and functionality of the hero piece – Radiante 747 fireplace. This fireplace was the first selection and everything came thereafter so we’ve essentially designed around the Radiant fireplace and used materials in a contemporary way to modernise and complement.

The construction of the fireplace really opened up opportunities both aesthetically and functionally when creating this design. With the whole from sliding up for a stunning open fire coupled with the stunning view, this living room is sophisticated, cosy and breathtaking interior space.

Interior Designer – Lydia Maskiell Interiors
Photographer – Anjie Blair Photography

The Annandale Warehouse by SQ

This project is a great example of an urban industrial warehouse conversion where our Cheminee Philippe takes centre stage and characterises the living and dining areas without interrupting the space’s openness and minimalistic aesthetic.

When SQ director Joe Sidoti got his hands on this old empty warehouse on Nelson St, he could only imagine what his future family dream house would look like. DA drawings were drafted by Humphrey + Edwards Architects. 

Materials from the existing building were salvaged and reused as much as possible. Raw steel, recycled timber, exposed brick and bare concrete were introduced to accentuate the original.

Architect: Sam Crawford Architects
Owner Builder: Joe Sidoti and SQ Projects

The Annandale Warehouse by SQ Projects_Wignells1
The Annandale Warehouse by SQ Projects_Wignells1
The Annandale Warehouse by SQ Projects_Wignells1
The Annandale Warehouse by SQ Projects_Wignells1
The Annandale Warehouse by SQ Projects_Wignells1
Tiles Of Ezra - Gerogia Ezra
Tiles Of Ezra - Gerogia Ezra
Tile by Georgie Ezra
Tiles Of Ezra - Gerogia Ezra
Tiles Of Ezra - Gerogia Ezra
Tiles Of Ezra - Gerogia Ezra
Tiles of Ezra By Georgia Ezra

Traditional and hand crafted tiles made with a purposeful story by their makers.

Unable to find a tile range that would facilitate many projects in Australia for her interior design firm STUDIOEZRA, Georgia Ezra, director and creator of Tiles of Ezra, decide to take matters into her own hands. Her search for unique, ethnic tiling, turned into a creative project and the foundation of Tiles of Ezra was born.

When you are buying tilesofezra, you are not just buying a product. You are buying a handmade piece of work, which has passed through the hands of another person. An artisan who has a name a family and a story of his/her own”

Searching the globe for inspiration and resources, Georgia created partnerships with teams Morocco, Vietnam and Mexico who specialise in producing authentic, sustainable and handmade tiles. The highly-skilled team of makers embarked on manufacturing a collection of unique, modern designs in addition to many ethnic classics.

“We have brought these tiles to Australia, in order to expand the platform of this style of interior fabrication. We hope that you too will reap the enjoyment of such vivacious, exotic creations within your own space.”

Fireplace: Cheminees Philippe
Wall Tiles: TilesByEzra

Free to Feed - Northcote

Free to Feed is a not-for-profit social enterprise, founded in late 2015 with the express purpose of assisting people seeking asylum to find meaningful employment opportunities using their existing skills and experiences and to facilitate community interconnectivity and break the stifling sense of social isolation often faced by these new arrivals.

What better place to celebrate traditions and memories, stories and new experiences than over a feasting table? After all, for every one of us, these things are so often inextricably linked to sharing food and cooking with friends and family.

Fireplace Location – FreeToFeed – 539 High St, Northcote, Victoria

Fireplace Installer – Fireworx Plumbing

Free To Feed
Free To Feed
Free To Feed
Free To Feed
Free To Feed
Free To Feed
Josh & Elyse – Room Reveal Week 5!

Taking inspiration by their very own personal Coburg renovation, here is what THE Block 2017 winners Josh Barker & Elyse Knowles had to say…

“For those of you familiar with Melbourne, you’ll appreciate the need for warm, cosy interior spaces to hide away from the chill, Josh and I have had experience in this department I our own home – so we had a few ideas. And of course an epic fire place was at the heart of our plans.

The fireplace sits in the heart of the room & is surround in leathery, wooly & early goodness. The room is designed to both relax and entertain with family and friends. This is made possible with our gigantic, yummy couch and the more sophisticated dining table. Multi use space – tick tick!”