Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 4V Wood Heater

A combination of robust craftsmanship and refined style, Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 4V Wood Heater puts an elegant spin on traditional fireplace design. Frequently used as a centrepiece with all the hallmarks and qualities of a stunning focal point, plus the bonus of superb warmth and ambience.

Capture the allure and feel of a campfire in your very own living room, with the stunning Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 4V Wood Heater  offering a refined silhouette and spectacular 360 degree views of the fire. Using state of the art engineering and modelled on their other popular multiview fireplaces, Cheminees Philippe has perfected the design of an innovative luxury four sided view fireplace with excellent natural fireside warmth; you’ll have everyone gathered around.


Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 3V Wood Heater

The Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 3V Wood Heater has created a new world of fireplace design with its intriguing and impressive triple sided firebox. A stunning visual and high performance heater, the Radiante 846 3V is a triple sided firebox that is admired for its uniqueness and strong heating ability.

Featuring the original Cheminees Philippe dual opening door system on both doors, the Radiante 846 3V gives you a choice of where to enjoy the ambience of a real open fire and a brilliant slow combustion heater when the doors are closed. The Radiante 846 3V can be placed in the middle of a room or coming off a wall to create an impressive room divider. There are no limits to how you can feature this functional and impressive fire

A complete package of desirable aesthetics and wonderful heat, the Radiante 846 3V has a generous firebox to provide excellent heat and a wonderful see thru vista through it’s almost frameless glass doors. This versatile firebox has the flexibility to be used as a subtle room divider that offers transparency between the spaces, adding a sense of luxury and comfort. The perfect pairing in any open planned living space and your answer to contemporary bespoke hearth design.


Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 2V Wood Heater

The Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 2V Wood Heater double sided wood fire gives warmth and soul to any room. It is one of the most popular designs in the Radiante collection offering superb views from both sides of the firebox. The double sided fire will feature beautifully in the centre of a room to create two living spaces or built into a wall, where one fire captivates and warms two rooms. A smart new trend emerging is featuring the Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 2V Wood Heater as a freestanding centrepiece where its beautifully sculptured firebox is dramatically on display.

The original Cheminees Philippe dual opening door is featured on both doors giving you the choice of open fire enjoyment where you desire it and tremendous efficient, safe slow combustion heating when the doors are down. With no end to the amazing designs that this firebox presents, you will be rewarded with warmth and splendour of a world class Cheminees Philippe French fire.

Captivate and warm two living spaces with this modern double sided fireplace. Whether featured as a stand alone centrepiece or built into a dividing wall, there is no end to the amazing designs the Radiante 846 2V fireplace presents. Beautifully crafted featuring two dual opening doors for open fire and high efficiency slow combustion heating, this fireplace is the perfect see-through statement piece to captivate and warm two living spaces.

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