Lopi fireplaces in Melbourne

Located in the beautiful town of North Perth, Western Australia, there’s a stunning adobe that illustrates a contemporary style by blending different contrasting design elements. From the light walls to the dark floors, everything creates a stunning modern aesthetic. The contemporary living is further enhanced by installing the Lopi 6015 HO GS2 fireplace.

About the fireplace install in North Perth

Installed in an open kitchen with over 1.5 meters of the viewing area, the Lopi 6015 fireplace utilises a black trim and CoolSmart vent to accentuate the look of the surrounding dark features. It is equipped with some advanced features, including ceramic-viewing glass that enhances the amount of radiant heat generated.

Lopi 6015 fireplace

This fireplace install includes the 72″ CoolSmart Wall Kit System that redirects the heat when the fans are turned off. Other notable features of this installation include the convection heat output from the blower that efficiently heats the living space.

The black glass fireback liner creates a reflection of the flame and adds depth to the space, drawing attention to the overall beauty of the 6015 gas fireplace. The fire also comes with the Clear Fire Safety Screen to reduce the risk of injury without obstructing the beauty of the dancing flames.

“We absolutely love our Lopi fireplace. It creates an additional feature in our living room and provides an ambience where you can sit, unwind and relax on those cold winter days. Definitely a great investment for our new home.” – Client testimonial

About the Lopi 6015 HO

As part of Lopi’s premium linear gas fireplace range, the 6015 model comes with the GreenSmart 2 (GS2) system that gives homeowners full control over the heat output. It is easy to adjust the gas output and control the flame intensity in six different intervals. The GS2 system also comes with the Smart Thermostat function to modulate the flame, so that the heat generated matches the desired temperature.

In addition, the 6015 enables the regulation of the 6-speed quiet fans to better manage the convection heat output. It gives full control over the visual aspects of the fire and the intensity of the accent lighting. This unique feature helps operate the fireplace without flames, making it ideal for decoration during warmer seasons.

About Lopi Fireplace

For more than 40 years, Lopi has been a leader in the fireplace industry, providing high-quality gas and wood fireplaces that are are designed at a state-of-the-art factory in Mukilteo, Washington.

Since 1990, the company has been heating Australian homes. There are over 30 models available in both inbuilt and freestanding fireplace options, available in 70+ outlets Australia-wide. Lopi also features one of the largest range of fireplace products available under a single brand in Australia.

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