Cheminées Philippe fireplaces in Melbourne

It all started in 2005 when Chema Bould and Anna Dutton were having a dinner one evening. After a few glasses of wine, they discussed an idea to open their own studio. Six months later, Bower Architecture & Interiors was born.

Since then, Bower Architecture has been redefining the architectural landscape with its unique and visionary approach. The name stands out tall as a leading architectural and interior design firm in Melbourne. They are a multi-award-winning design firm with a team of passionate architects and designers.

Step into the world of Bower Architecture & Interiors

With a spirit of collaboration, Bower Architecture & Interiors practices sustainable architecture and meaningful interior design. The founders of the firm were hugely inspired by the bowerbird’s ability to build beautiful yet sustainable structures to inhabit. Some of the most renowned works by Bower Architecture & Interiors include:

1. Hover House – Mount Martha, Victoria

Hover House

The Hover House is Maurie and Raema’s beautiful abode for retirement in beachside Mt. Martha. They came to Bower Architecture & Interiors to create something special on their newly purchased ‘battleaxe’ block. The outcome was the Hover House!

“Memorable houses don’t have to cost the earth. Our aim was for a simple gesture that can stand strong over time.” – Chema Bould, Co-Director, Bower Architecture

The brief for a sustainable and private home filled with natural light was achieved through the development of a unique central courtyard. The Hover House features a stunning Cheminées Philippe fireplace to add warmth and ambience to the space.

2. The Villa at Barwon Heads – Barwon Heads, Victoria

The Villa at Barwon Heads

Mark and Amanda spent many years holidaying in Barwon Heads. They decided to create a new space in the area and approached Bower Architecture to capture a spirit of “barefoot luxury”. The result? The Villa at Barwon Heads was created!

“It wasn’t until this house was built (by Bower) that I realised how important good design is to your sense of wellbeing. Sometimes I nearly burst into tears with the sense of happiness and peace as we arrive.” – Amanda Derham, Homeowner

The Villa at Barwon Heads is a single-storey cottage, featuring a stunning wood fireplace by Cheminées Philippe. The Bower team built a haven of light and calm for Mark and Amanda to retreat from the world and celebrate life events with family and friends.

3. Hide and Seek House – Point Lonsdale, Victoria

Hide and Seek House

Inspired by the local vernacular of gently gabled houses, the Hide and Seek House is a sensitive yet tough beach house. It creates an intriguing sanctuary equipped with a spectacular Cheminées Philippe fireplace as a focal point.

“Applied to all of their work, “revealed spaces” speaks to a process where an outcome is not predetermined and is shaped by the unique characteristics of each site, client and brief.” – Rose Onans, The Local Project

The house features two entry experiences. One is an informal outdoor shower to celebrate the ritual of the beach return. Whereas, the other one is a more discreet side entry that leads into a central courtyard at the heart of the house.

A final thought

Bower Architecture & Interiors strives to understand what makes a home project different from others, transforming home designs into tangible works of art. Their work reflects a story that resonates with life, featuring high-quality Cheminées Philippe fireplaces. They don’t just create homes and buildings; they craft living experiences.