Cheminées Philippe Eden Wood Heater

Cheminees Philippe combines striking elegance and strong functionality with the charm of the Cheminées Philippe Eden Wood Heater . A beautifully sculptured fireplace, its smooth, curved lines fits neatly against a wall or into a corner without dominating the décor. The high pedestal accentuates the generously-designed glass window offering a perfect view of the fire. The option of an invisible rotating base allows you to turn the fire to a position that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room, an ideal feature in an open area or between two spaces.

The charming Cheminées Philippe Eden Wood Heater will be the heart of your home as no matter where you choose to sit the flame will follow. Not just a pretty face, the Eden features an invisible rotating base that effortlessly turns to position the fire where it can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. It’s attractive curved elongated body sits high on a pedestal, elevating and accentuating the flames. Finely crafted flexible and functional, the Eden will entice you to get cosy by the fire.


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