Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 3V Wood Heater

The Cheminées Philippe Radiante 846 3V Wood Heater has created a new world of fireplace design with its intriguing and impressive triple sided firebox. A stunning visual and high performance heater, the Radiante 846 3V is a triple sided firebox that is admired for its uniqueness and strong heating ability.

Featuring the original Cheminees Philippe dual opening door system on both doors, the Radiante 846 3V gives you a choice of where to enjoy the ambience of a real open fire and a brilliant slow combustion heater when the doors are closed. The Radiante 846 3V can be placed in the middle of a room or coming off a wall to create an impressive room divider. There are no limits to how you can feature this functional and impressive fire

A complete package of desirable aesthetics and wonderful heat, the Radiante 846 3V has a generous firebox to provide excellent heat and a wonderful see thru vista through it’s almost frameless glass doors. This versatile firebox has the flexibility to be used as a subtle room divider that offers transparency between the spaces, adding a sense of luxury and comfort. The perfect pairing in any open planned living space and your answer to contemporary bespoke hearth design.


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