Cheminées Philippe Radiante 692 Wood Heater

The Cheminées Philippe Radiante 692 Wood Heater is a beautifully crafted firebox with modern, clean lines, that will allow you to achieve a sense of simplicity combined with excellent heating efficiency and performance. The generous size of the firebox will accommodate large firewood for cosy comfortable heat. The perfect choice to fit neatly into any space, it is also ideal for installing into existing fireplaces. Beautiful in its simplicity and ease of use, the Radiante 692 is a most desirable, elegant firebox at an affordable price.

Harmonised with refined style and fabulous proportions this elegant but modestly designed fireplace will enrich any interior. The Cheminées Philippe Radiante 692 Wood Heater is a sleek and uncomplicated fireplace. Crafted of pure cast iron with a large viewing window, the Radiante 692 is simple and easy to operate, delivering the very best in slow combustion heating efficiency. It’s elegant, clean lines and impressive heating ability offers the perfect inspiration for crafting a hearth you won’t want to leave.

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