Hergom Laredo Cooker Fireplace Combo

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The Hergom Laredo Cooker Fireplace Combo offers the best of both worlds, a sustainable and economical way of cooking and a reliable “off-grid” source of heat. Ideal for today’s modern lifestyle; its clever dual-purpose design makes it suitable not only for the winter but also for the rest of the year.

Crafted from steel the Hergom Laredo features a large-capacity oven that will create the perfect atmosphere. The base of the oven can be used for barbequing or to warm up your room with it’s exceptional combustion system, while the top oven is perfect for baking and roasting.

Within the oven itself there are two grill positions to allow you to make the most out of this spacious oven. Grill racks can even go inside the main firebox to let your cook directly over the flames. Imagine homemade bread or pizza straight from your own wood-fired oven, nothing beats that authentic taste. The double combustion wall construction ensures proper air circulation and heating.

This cooker fireplace combination has simplistic but effective air controls on the front of the stove to regulate both the primary and secondary air intake, this makes sure the lighting and running of the Hergom Laredo is effortless. Once you have finished cooking you can enjoy the Laredo Acre as a reliable heat source to keep you warm on those cooler days and nights.


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– Dual-purpose design allows for a sustainable and reliable source of cooking and heating
– Air controls to regulate both the primary and secondary air intake,
– Double combustion wall construction
– Option for grill racks in the main firebox

*Heating output varies depending upon ceiling height, fuel used, building insulation and atmospheric conditions.

*Price is for the base model unit only. It excludes accessories or optional extras, flue, hearth, delivery and installation. For more information and pricing please contact us

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