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We stock a range of Ash Pans for domestic open fireplaces in a variety of sizes to suit most fireplaces. Simple to use, the Ashpan makes it easy to clean out your hearth without making a mess. A fireplace grate would normally sit above an Ashpan so hot embers and ash from the burnt fuel can be disposed of safely once cooled. Our Ashpans are designed to sit in between the legs of our matching fireplace grates meaning you only need to slide it out using the convenient lip eliminating the need to lift a heavy grate every time you clean the fire.

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– Material: Steel
– Colour: Black

– Ashpan 12″ (LGAP1) Dimensions: W 31cm x H 5.5cm x D 28cm
– Weight: 1 kg (matches LG450)

– Ashpan 18″ (LGAP2) Dimensions: W 44cm x H 5.5cm x D 28cm
– Weight: 2.1 kg (matches LG565)

– Ashpan 21″ (LGAP3) Dimensions: W 54cm x H 5.5cm x D 28cm
– Weight: 2.4 kg (matches LG685)

– Ashpan 24″ (LGAP4) Dimensions: W 62cm x H 5.5cm x D 28cm
– Weight: 2.6 kg (matches LG765)

– Ashpan 30″ (LGAP5) Dimensions: W 77cm x H 5.5cm x D 28cm
– Weight: 3.1 kg (matches LG900)


Castworks Accessory Brochure 2021

Ashpan 12″ (LGAP1): $43
Ashpan 18″ (LGAP2): $45
Ashpan 21″ (LGAP3): $50
Ashpan 24″ (LGAP4): $55
Ashpan 30″ (LGAP5): $62

*Price is for the item only and it excludes delivery. For more information and pricing please contact us.

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