Wood heaters and stoves for off-the-grid living

Country Road Take Me Home - Off-Grid Living

Imagine waking up in the morning, stepping onto your porch with your coffee and hearing no other human beings. No electricity, internet or any other modern conveniences, just you and the wildlife on your homestead. Well, this is what living off the grid sounds like!

The Block 2022 goes completely off-grid

The 2022 season of The Block is more off-grid and sustainable than anything you have experienced on the show before. For starters, the season takes place against the rural backdrop of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, where contestants have to renovate homesteads relocated from around the country. The show’s executive producer Julian Cress says:

“I personally believe that sustainability is a hugely important subject for all of us to discuss and I know that we’re not leading that conversation. We believe that most Australians are very conscious of sustainability now, so we just wanted to try and showcase some of the real leading-edge technologies that are available within this series.”

featuring the Cheminees Philippe 846 4V
Tom & Sarah-Jane’s house on The Block, featuring the Cheminees Philippe 846 4V.

Off-the-grid living is more than what you think

Living off-the-grid is unbearably idyllic where your water basin collects rain from the night before, your electricity comes from solar panels and the food is all home-grown. Such a lifestyle requires moving to the woods, building a cabin, drilling a well, installing some solar panels and a lot more. In short, it isn’t as straightforward as it may appear on the TV screen.

To put it simply, living off the grid takes a lot of planning, preparation, hard work and determination. And once you’re there, the living will continue with the care, maintenance and upkeep of the homestead. Let’s make this simple by breaking down the key things you will need for off-the-grid living.

Wood Fireplace

  • Land

First thing first, you’ll need an appropriate location. It is the foundation of your off-the-grid life and will be usually in a remote area – miles away from any strict building codes and permitting regulations. Land in such locations is often inexpensive, property taxes are low and there will be more acreage for your money.

If you are looking for a multi-sensory heating experience for off-the-grid living, heating with wood fire is one of the most affordable and renewable energy sources available out there. When compared to heating with propane, having a highly efficient wood fireplace can reduce your heating costs, especially if you harvest your own fuel. Feel free to view our wood heater range.

  • Shelter

Once you have a piece of land, you will need a safe and reliable shelter to get started. It may be a hut, RV, yurt or cabin in the woods. Make sure the shelter can protect you from predators, home break-ins and extreme weather conditions. To find sustainable heating options for your off-the-grid journey, choose The Wise Life.

For more than 4 decades, the Black family has been investing their time and energy in sustainable products that hold true to their ethos of “Respect for People and the Environment”. As Australia’s #1 manufacturer of slow-combustion heating and cooking, The Wise Life also supplies integrated hydronic heating and solar systems that would save you money and support a sustainable future. View our Wise Living Belvedere 5000 Boiler Unit.

Rayburn wood stoves

  • Food

Speaking of meals, getting food isn’t easy when you live off the grid. You have to figure out a way to find nutritious food. Since you won’t have everyday access to grocery stores, you should grow your own food! Also, become skilled at farming, hunting and fishing.

To make sustainable cooking a breeze, consider Rayburn wood stoves. Additionally, the new range of Thermalux wood heaters could be a great addition to your off-the-grid setting. Feel free to view our Thermalux Sterling Series Wood Stoves.

  • Water

When it comes to survival, hydration is essential. Without it, you’re likely to survive a matter of days. Since you rely on water for several activities like showering, cooking and cleaning, off-grid residents need to find a way to get enough water. You will need a water collection system, hot water system and hydronic system that collect all the rainwater from your roof.

Off-Grid Living

Final words on off-the-grid living

Living off the grid is the next big thing and can be challenging yet rewarding. Here, planning is the key to making a successful transition. So, where does your off-the-grid journey begin? Whether you are looking for outdoor cookers, wood stoves or hydronic systems to make off-grid living come to life, do let us know about your off-the-grid requirements.

Watch the video to know how The Block stars go completely off-grid with their new home: