Rayburn electric cookers in Australia
The All-Electric Rayburn Ranger

Whether you’re an aspiring chef or someone who just likes to heat things up, Rayburn is for anyone who would love to cook and serve appetising feasts. World-renowned for producing some of the best kitchen appliances, the brand stands out for quality manufacturing, advanced features and made-in-UK appliances.

AGA Rayburn – Leading the way in innovation for 75+ years

As Britain’s No.1 cooker manufacturer, Rayburn has led the field in central heating range cookers for over seven decades. It is one of the most prominent range cooker brands, manufacturing some of the most authentic range cookers.

Today, the Rayburn cookers are at the heart of more Australian homes than any other, helping to create memorable family moments. These cookers are the pinnacle of efficiency, functionality, and flexibility – essential to a perfect kitchen.

Introducing All-Electric Rayburn

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition – the All-Electric RAYBURN RANGER. The new Rayburn cooker enables you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously by offering the same classic look and styling that the brand is renowned for. It is flexible and controllable, offering three large ovens which can be operated independently to help you control the energy you use. All models feature a large Main Oven and a second Lower Oven.

Rayburn cooker

The Rayburn Ranger benefits from a grill, a large cast-iron hotplate and a two-zone induction hob. It is available in 8 gorgeous colours, adding a retro feel to your home. You can cook smaller meals by simply inserting the energy-efficient panel, reducing energy bills. Other key features of the All-Electric Rangemaster include: 

  • A controllable cast iron hotplate with both boiling and simmering modes
  • A warming oven for keeping food warm or heating crockery
  • Better energy efficiency and lower running costs with E-setting options
  • An easy-to-use control panel and no servicing, plinth or flue required
  • A two-zone induction hob with a bridging feature for a larger cooking surface
  • An enamelled steel and radiant roasting oven with a 900W grill that can be set to baking or simmering modes

Take advantage of a compact solid fuel & wood stove range. With more compact dimensions to suit a smaller kitchen, the Rayburn Heatranger 200 Series combines neatness with great cooking and heating ability. Plus, this electric range cooker requires no servicing, no plinth and no flue. It runs on just 2 x 13amp supply at 100cm wide, which can be easily slotted into an existing kitchen design.

Rayburn electric cookers include two large-capacity radiant ovens and a warming oven, both operating independently. Boasting eight gorgeous shades, there is a colour for every lifestyle and kitchen décor. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to transform your kitchen with the All-Electric Rayburn Cooker.

To learn more about the Rayburn Ranger, watch the test drive video, featuring AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako.