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Hosting at home with great British Falcon cookers

Inspired by both traditional and modern elements of upright cooking, Falcon is a firm-favourite brand amongst those with a classical taste. The brand specialises in the manufacturing of world-renowned “range” cookers.

Falcon is also the go-to choice for many celebrities and professional chefs, including Nick Nairn. After all, it is synonymous with high cooking standards, quality designs, advanced features and a rich history.

The rich history of Falcon cookers

It was the year 1830 when William Flavel first invented ‘The Kitchener’ – the world’s first range cooker and the main inspiration behind Falcon ovens. Boiling, roasting and warming all from the same heat source, ‘The Kitchener’ was a ground-breaking inception in the cooking industry, which has now evolved over more than five generations while keeping the same inception in mind.

Falcon cookers

Although the manufacturing processes and technologies have changed since the inception of ‘The Kitchener’, Falcon cookers are manufactured in Royal Leamington Spa – the same site where the very first Kitchener was made. Today, these are the UK’s most popular upright range cookers, benefiting from 187+ years of manufacturing experience.

UK’s #1 range cooker to host any house party

Falcon range cooker

What makes Falcon great for “hosting at home” is that it is available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs, colour options, fittings and fuel types. With an array of design combinations to choose from, there is a Falcon range cooker for every kitchen or cooking space. What else?

  • Falcon cookers come with a 5-year warranty and are assessed to strict quality controls
  • They are available in 80 different product combinations and are 70% handmade and 100% hand-assembled
  • Falcon offers an array of traditional and contemporary designs across multiple colour options
  • The Falcon range cooker can be recycled, making it environmentally friendly
  • Selected key oven features include an energy-saving panel, catalytic oven liners, a bread-proving drawer, a handy rack, pyrolytic cleaning and a minute minder
  • The induction hob includes automatic heat-up, child lock, bridging zone, optimum simmer, pan detector and more advanced features

Falcon range cookers

To put it simply, there is a Falcon range cooker for every kitchen and lifestyle. If you’re a serious cook, you will need a serious cooker like Falcon to charm even the quaintest of guests. Designed to elevate the whole “hosting at home” cooking experience to the highest notch, Falcon cookers can transform any house into a warm home.

Watch the video to learn why Falcon could be the next great addition to your kitchen: