AGA cookers in Australia

When it comes to premium kitchen appliances, AGA stands tall as one of the most revered brands in Australia. It has been at the heart of Australian kitchens for decades now, widely admired for its timeless design and exceptional build quality.

With a rich heritage of over 100 years, AGA has remained at the forefront of cooking excellence. Investing in AGA ovens means acquiring a piece of history which embodies the best traditions and employs the very latest technologies. Let’s delve into ten key facts that make AGA cookers a culinary symbol of excellence.

AGA cookers

1. Still made in England

AGA ovens have a rich history that traces back to 1922 when a blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist named Gustav Dalen designed the first AGA in Sweden. Shortly after that, the cooker found its way to the UK where it has been handcrafted ever since, upholding over a century of tradition.

2. Cast iron cooking

What makes these electric stoves special is the fact that they cook radiantly with heat produced by cast iron ovens. While locking in nutrients and flavours, cast iron gently cooks the food without drying it out. This way of cooking ensures even heat distribution and ultimately precise cooking.

3. Multiple ovens

AGA cookers offer the convenience of multiple ovens, each with distinct heat settings. This would allow you to simultaneously bake, roast, grill and cook, meaning you can prepare your food quicker and in a more convenient way.

4. Energy efficiency

All-electric cooker models that include AGA 7 and AGA 3 Series are enabled with switch-on/switch-off hotplates. Therefore, they result in much reduced running costs. Additionally, cookers in the ER collection have independently controllable ovens that can be “on” when you need and “off” when you don’t.

5. AGA + solar

Despite their cast iron build and all-electric approach, many AGA cooker models can be installed in homes in conjunction with solar energy use. In other words, homeowners can save a lot of money spent on energy bills in the long run.

6. No crossover of smells

With an AGA electric cooker, there is no crossover of odours or flavours when cooking different kinds of foods. You can confidently cook fish and cake at the same time, in the same oven without worrying about any unwanted flavour transfer.

7. Sustainable appliances

AGA products are almost completely recyclable. They are thoughtfully created and responsibly built, using 70% iron and recycled materials. Unlike most other appliances, you won’t see an AGA stove or oven in a landfill. This is because the people who buy them never need to say goodbye. Their renowned longevity and performance guarantee a lifetime of good food and good times.

8. Vitreous enamel colour

Also known as ‘porcelain enamel’, the vitreous enamel colour is what gives AGA cookers their gleaming appearance. Enamelling is a meticulous process which involves multiple protective coats being hand sprayed on each cooker and three separate firings to complete. With an extensive range of colours to choose from, homeowners can personalise their kitchen design in a way that reflects their unique style.

9. Self-cleaning method

Yes! It’s true that AGA ovens are self-cleaning. Cooking residues or spills are carbonised due to the constant high temperature in the oven and can easily be brushed out later. To keep your hotplates clean, try to brush them regularly.

10. More than just a cooker

AGA cookers evoke an emotional response like no other appliance in the industry. Homeowners and professionals are irresistibly drawn to them. With an AGA, you can eliminate the need for several other appliances like an electric kettle, toaster, rice cooker, pizza oven, rice cooker, slow cooker and clothes dryer. In fact, an AGA can even help with the ironing.

AGA cookers are more than just kitchen appliances; they are a symbol of tradition, excellence and timeless design. With their iconic cast iron construction, versatile cooking capabilities and energy-efficient innovations, they have stood the test of time.

Wrapping up

It’s no surprise that AGA is the top choice of many Aussies. As it continues to grace kitchens around the continent, AGA keeps bringing unparalleled cooking performance to homes everywhere. You’ll simply fall in love with an AGA electric cooker once you use it. It’s every foodie’s dream!