AGA Cooking with "That Greek Lady"

Meet our inhouse self proclaim chief and Blackburn store manager, “that greek lady”.. Soulla! (or as Con the Fruitier would say, “Koula, Voula, Roula and Agapi”).

Growing up in a small village in Morphou, Cyprus, Soulla was taught from a young age that cooking is not just about eating, cooking is about bringing people from all walks of life together. For the food you make with love is good for the soul, as like a fire, it warms our hearts and settles our minds to open up in deep, meaningful conversations around the table surrounded by good and endearing company.

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Food is about bringing friends, families and strangers together, even in the happiest/darkest of times or the longest of days. This is the very reason why our Blackburn showroom was designed to be centred around a long hard wood dining table, so that everyone who enters can feel the love and warmth that our family of experts have to offer.

If you haven’t already ventured to our Blackburn store to check out some of Soulla’s opulent meals, book in a cooking session with Soulla. She can show you how to work your way around our exquisite AGA, Falcon, Rayburn & Thermalux stoves.