Nectre Inbuilt Wood Heater

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The Nectre Inbuilt wood heater is designed with an enormous firebox that is alluring to the eyes. It is elegantly crafted with a longer burn time to ensure those cozy moments last forever. It should definitely be the fireplace to keep you warm and snugly during the winter nights. The Nectre Inbuilt wood heater delivers natural convection warmth with all the charm and comfort you expect from a Nectre. Nectre Inbuilt is an all-round performer with the style and easy to use functions and it will fit into most existing fireplaces.

There’s nothing like a nice, cosy open fire in the middle of winter…until you take a step back and find its performance isn’t, well, quite so cosy in the rest of your house.

The Nectre Inbuilt is perfect for a home with an existing fireplace. It produces significantly more heat that an open fire. And it uses loads less wood.

The fire box maximises convected warm air and circulates it through your whole home. Ideal for homes of around 15 squares and for existing masonry fireplaces.

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