Lacunza Silver 1000 Freestanding Wood Fireplace

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The Lacunza Silver 1000 is a freestanding wood fireplace suitable for medium sized living areas. With a modern design and heating capacity of up to 230sqm, the Lacunza Silver 1000 is sure to be a stand out feature in your home this Winter.

Our roots lie in the Sakana valley, in the Navarre region of Spain. We were born and raised here, and our business is marked by more than 50 years of work and a non-stop forward path. For more than half a century, we have forged our business’ unique personality based on the sustainability of the environment, innovation, technology, design and customer orientation.

From the original iron foundry and subsequent cookstove and fireplace factory, LACUNZA has undergone a remarkable evolution and development. This is evidenced in our range of products, models, materials and energy sources, as well as the continued incorporation of quality, innovation and design into all our products.

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