Kemlan C24 Wood Stack Wood Heater

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Welcome to one of Australia’s cleanest burning, most efficient wood heaters, the ultra efficient Kemlan C24 Wood Stack Wood Heater, creating a sense of tradition and ambiance with beautifully efficient heating properties. Designed to heat an area of up to 240 square metres, the C24’s fully shielded firebox incorporates a natural convection system allowing warm air to circulate around your home, with the option of a three speed fan. The Kemlan C24 Wood Stack Wood Heater has a cast iron top and durable body, giving it a unique style among slow combustion stoves. Using a modern day ceramic refractory system, the C24’s design reduces heat loss through the flue and ensures that the firebox retains and radiates much of the heat otherwise lost. Secondary air is added below the baffle.

Due to the high temperature of the firebox, smoke is burnt as it rises towards the flue, making it remarkably clean burning. The C24 boasts an impressive average of 1.4 gms/kg, vastly under the allowable Australian standard of 4.0gms/kg.


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