Jetmaster 400/440 Open Wood Fireplace

From $2,202 *

The Jetmaster 400/440 Open Wood Fireplace is brilliantly designed and requires minimal cleaning compared to a traditional open brick fireplace. Fuel burns down to a fine ash in the logpan which only requires skimming a few times a year depending on frequency of use.

This is how it works… cool air is drawn into the heating chamber, and as the air heats, it rises and is forced back
out into the room (through a jet at the top of the unit), thus creating a convection process. The Jetmaster 400/440 Open Wood Fireplace also incorporates a damper control,  reducing heat loss and maximising overall efficiency, producing up to 4 times more heat than an average brick fireplace. A spark-proof and child proof flush fitting hook-on screen is also available as an optional extra.

First designed in 1950, the Jetmaster firebox provides impressive radiant heat and draws perfectly. Suitable
for new builds and existing chimneys, a Jetmaster fireplace adds immediate value and style to any home.

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