Skamotec 225 – Building Board For Fireplace Enclosures

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Skamol has introduced an innovative new way of building fireplace enclosures. SKAMOTEC 225 – Building Board For Fireplace Enclosures is a light-weight, non-combustible building board that simplifies the construction process by eliminating the need for steel or wood frame constructions. The result is a one-product solution that solves a significant challenge facing dealers and installers today – recurring cracks and costly callbacks. When installed correctly, the SKAMOTEC 225 solution will virtually eliminate cracks while providing dealers, installers and homeowners with a set of other crucial advantages.

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– Non-combustible
– Can resist temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius
– Standard dimensions W 1000mm x L 1220mm or W 2040mm x L 1220mm
– Weight between 6.9 – 13.7kg or 14 – 28kg
– The material has been tested in accordance with AS NZS 5601.1, AS1530.3, AS2918 and ASTM C182, meeting the requirements for the BCA for Gas and Wood heater installations

SK2510001220 THICKNESS: 25mm SIZE: 1000mm x 1220mm $99* SK4010001220 THICKNESS: 40mm SIZE: 1000mm x 1220mm $158* SK5010001220 THICKNESS: 50mm SIZE: 1000mm x 1220mm $198* SK2520401220 THICKNESS: 25mm SIZE: 2040mm x 1220mm $202* SK4020401220 THICKNESS: 40mm SIZE: 2040mm x 1220mm $323* SK5020401220 THICKNESS: 50mm SIZE: 2040mm x 1220mm $403* *Price is for one piece of Skamotec Enclosure Board only. It excludes any accessories and delivery. For more information and ordering please contact us.

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