Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace

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The beautifully crafted Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace was designed by award-winning Danish designer Klaus Rath. Made from solid double coasted cast-iron, the Kamino offers unique properties by means of heat distribution, durability and design.

Externally, the Kamino is reminiscent of an upturned champagne flute and is made from solid cast-iron that has the ability to radiate heat much quicker than traditional woodfire pits. Additonally, the Kamino has a corrosion-resistant coasting system designed for environmental exposure with a low maintenance consideration.

The simplistic characteristic design of the Kamino enables easy sighting in varying wind conditions and with the chimney sprout smoke naturally moves to higher elevations.

Internally, the Kamino has a gaping, inviting aperture. The openness of the fire simplifies the tasks of cleaning, the stacking of kindling and the lighting of the stove. The wide opening and cavernous interior also mean that, with the appropriate Morso Accessories, the Kamino can function as a wood-fire barbeque.

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