Freestanding wood heaters in Melbourne

Wheelie Good Wood coming through!

When you wake up to freezing temperatures on a lazy weekend, nothing sounds better than cosying up around your wood heater, wrapping yourself up in your blanket and listening to the fire crackle. However, choosing the wrong wood for your log burner can ruin those winter vibes.

Unseasoned or low-quality logs are not only hard to light and burn, but also terrible for your fireplace. They release more smoke and creosote than what wood fuels are designed for. Therefore, it’s best to get familiar with the right wood before preparing for your cosy night in.

Wheelie Good Wood

Introducing Wheelie Good Wood

When it comes to fireplaces and stoves, wood-burning is considered better than other sorts of heating options. With rising prices for gas and oil heating, wood-burning is a smart move to make these days. If you have, Wignells offers We’ve found a convenient and cost-effective way of getting the right wood logs for storage at your home. We are happy to introduce Wheelie Good Wood firewood to help you enjoy warm winters this season.

Introducing Wheelie Good Wood

Just swap and burn, Wheelie Good Wood is as simple as that. It’s dry, tidy, requires no stacking and is easy to move around. No mess, no fuss, no bags. Whatever wood you end up picking for your fire, you will enjoy a safe, efficient and sustainable burn throughout.

All of Wheelie Good Wood products have been carefully processed to ensure high-performance, bringing the best of both worlds to your home and chimney. Wheelie Good Wood comes in two different ranges:

  • Charcoal: Wheelie Good Wood Range is made from 100% natural firewood. Enjoy even heat for hours without dealing with any odour and gas.
  • Residential firewood: Sustainably harvested and fully seasoned residential firewood is dry and ready to burn. It is great for chimneys, wood fireplaces, stoves and heaters.

Sure, collecting logs from nature is a great idea when you are out on a camping trip, but when it comes to log burners, investing in high-quality logs is non-negotiable. You should only reach for dried, seasoned firewood when looking for the right fuel to use in your wood-burning stove. This would ensure a thoroughly warm home and better air quality.

Wrapping up

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So, it’s that time of the year again! The days are gradually getting shorter and the nights longer. The autumn is around the corner and you are all set to prepare your wood stove for the upcoming winters. Ready to get all your fire wood needs easily delivered to your doorstep? Get in touch with the guys at Wheelie Good Wood.