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Cheminees Philippe Fireplaces Unravelled

Multifaceted and indispensable, wood heaters have come a long way from when man first created fire thousands of years ago. 

So first and foremost, let talk sustainability. 

From the outset, wood heaters pollute less than open fireplaces. Moreover, gas and electric production continue to be the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Whereas wood is a renewable fuel source and is considered a carbon neutral option for heating as opposed to available non-renewable alternatives.

All Cheminees Philippe Fireplaces have been tested and approved in accordance with Australian & New Zealand emission and efficiency requirements (AS/NZS 4012;4013) and certified by the Australian Home Heating Association. 

Let’s talk heating output.

At a glance, modern wood heaters appear to be limited to room heaters. This misnomer is quickly expelled when the reality of their high heat output results in whole house heating simply via open passageways or by ducting hot air to other parts of the house.

The radiant heat from a Cheminees Philippe wood heater is not only bone warming and soul pleasing, but one of the most natural forms of heat you could use in your home. Radiant heat is empirically proven to be more efficient than convection heating (fan assisted). Our fireplaces are constructed from authentic cast iron, with is an optimal material when selected a source of radiant heat, as it allows a more gradual release and longer retention period of heat throughout the space. Additionally, cast iron has a much greater heat-life than steel.

Not only will this companion produce effective and economical household heating, there are many options of high artisanal merit and you’ll only invite more value to your property and issue a dash of envy too. Under the guidance of our team we invite you in helping to select a wood heater that integrates perfectly into the aesthetic of your space, operates efficiently with low maintenance requirements and offers consistent, enduring heating for the future.