Cheminées Philippe fireplace in Melbourne

MANNA MADE’s Blairgowrie House, Featuring a Cheminées Philippe Fireplace

The owners of MANNA MADE – a full-service design and construction practice, have made their Blairgowrie House a coastal retreat, where they can reset, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature. The entire project spanned over four long years of planning, preparation and construction with an outcome worth craving for, considering the huge amount of effort that went into every single detail.

Blairgowrie House – A Peaceful Refuge

Blairgowrie House – A Peaceful Refuge

Positioned exquisitely on the pristine coastline of Mornington Peninsula, the built form of the house, which sits seamlessly within its surrounding landscape, was designed in collaboration with Bellhaus Design Office. And the interior, which impeccably complements the outdoors, features an eco-smart wood fireplace from Wignells.

Eco-smart wood fireplace from Wignells

The seemingly essential outline of Blairgowrie House belies the multitude of complexities that Dan and Dani – the owners of MANNA MADE, faced in designing and constructing this minimalist coastal home. Restrictions and unforeseen obstacles were obviously there, but they were not ready to shy away from all the challenges associated with working through rigorous lockdowns and on a steep site within a bushfire attack level zone of 29.

If you look at the pictures, you will notice that Blairgowrie House creates this powerful external visual impact, the inspiration for which was taken from the rugged coastline and European Essentialism. The real task was to treat the interior in an equally bold manner as the exterior, which MANNA MADE managed to achieve with excellence and competence.

They adopted a pared-back and purposeful design approach throughout the house. For instance, the built-in joinery and furniture feature a palette of natural and sustainable materials, such as handmade bricks, natural timber wood veneer and French oak engineered flooring.

MANNA MADE’s Blairgowrie House

The main bedroom was designed in such a fashion that it connects with the exteriors. And this was done by the inclusion of wide glazing that reveals the indigenous landscaping, outdoor kitchen and intimate fire pit. Also, other elements like a sunken lounge with a freestanding fireplace, a plunge pool, home automation and surround sound bring luxury and comfort to this modern family home.

Integrated sustainability creativities mainly include:

  • Hydronic heating
  • Low tox product specification
  • The use of material offcuts to reduce waste
  • Double-glazed and thermally-broken windows
  • Air filtration for the cooling and heating system

Venetian blinds for thermal and light control

Dan and Dani’s Blairgowrie House

Dan and Dani were not happy with their chosen fireplace. This particular Cheminées Philippe fireplace is 100% French-designed and manufactured, sparking style, performance and environment safety. The fireplace sits beautifully in Dan and Dani’s Blairgowrie House and creates a sophisticated ambience of warmth, comfort and luxury that go beyond aesthetics.