Lopi gas fireplaces in Melbourne

With new advancements in heating solutions, double-sided gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. These fireplaces look great and can heat two different zones at once – whether that be two separate bedrooms or two living rooms.

The unique see-thru characteristic of a double-sided fireplace adds visual depth to any space while showcasing two stunning views of the fire. It is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to divide or integrate two rooms.

The All-New Lopi ProBuilder 36CF See Thru GS2

In the pursuit of improving double-sided heating, Lopi Fireplaces has now launched a new range of double-sided gas fireplaces in Melbourne. The new Lopi double-sided fireplace has large viewing glass on each side and provides supplemental heat to mid-sized homes and living spaces.

The new Lopi ProBuilder model incorporates the traditional style long associated with leading GreenSmart2 technology to create a visually appealing fire and provide significant warmth from both sides. The latest range of double-sided fireplaces from Lopi features: 

  • High heat output
  • Under-lighting
  • Multimedia options
  • Invisible safety screens
  • Ceramic glass for high radiant heat
  • Dual blowers for evenly distributed convection heat

Including all the features of the Lopi Linear Fireplace range, the new Lopi ProBuilder 36CF See Thru GS2 delivers radiant and convection heat efficiently. Homeowners can view the tall and beautiful dancing flames through the clean door design that incorporates the almost invisible ‘Clear Fire’ safety screens included as standard.

double-sided gas fireplace

As part of the GreenSmart2 collection, the new ProBuilder fireplace has the GS2 remote. This lets you control every aspect of your fireplace, including the Smart thermostat, flame setting, fan speed and Ember-Glo lighting.

This double-sided gas fireplace also features Comfort Control, allowing you to turn off the middle burner so that only the two front burners are running. This gives you more control over the gas input and heat output whilst maintaining flames.

In addition to that, the See Thru model is compatible with the CoolSmart Wall Kit, allowing you to safely install a TV flush without requiring any shelf.

What else?

Choose from several options available to customise the internal aspects of the new Lopi gas heater. For example, you can choose between the Oak or Birch log set and an optional black glass or brick fireback liner. Need more info on the new ProBuilder 36CF See Thru GS2? Feel free to contact us.