Cheminées Philippe Radiante Fireplace

Australia’s renowned building products company, Inside Out, is thrilled to announce the 2023 Inside Out Brickworks Home of the Year Awards. In association with Brickworks, Inside Out Home of the Year will award the best homes in Australian Home design.

Inside Out seeks projects that cleverly use different construction materials and innovatively treat light and space. These awards celebrate and recognise the most thoughtfully designed homes nationwide and the professional teams who built them. Their six award categories include:

  1. Best new home build
  2. Best home renovation
  3. Best sustainable project
  4. Best use of material: brick
  5. Best outdoor room
  6. Best Interior

As well as an overall winner: Inside Out | Brickworks Home of the Year for 2023 – with a cash prize of $10,000 (excluding GST). Last year’s Best Sustainable Project category winner was Gantry House by OOF!

Gantry House – Best Sustainable Project Inside Out 2022

Sustainable Project Inside Out 2022

Presented as a multi-functional residence, Gantry House is designed by OOF! Architecture for a multigenerational family of five and their two beloved dogs. It is an easy-going home for independent people who always do something indoors and out.

This is a house/warehouse/workshop where the family and friends enjoy doing all sorts of things – art, gardening, cooking and op-shop treasures. The construction, with its revealed structure, raw materials and exposed fixings, demonstrates the skills of the people who built it, including the family.

A set of orange trusses sits above and throughout the main living areas and consists of exposed heritage structures and fixtures, raw materials and warm-toned textiles. The pre-existing system has undergone a complete transformation while maintaining the original details of the street-front cottage façade.

With sustainability in mind, Gantry House’s main roof is pitched at a certain degree for solar panels and rainwater collection. A recycled brick-veneer exterior is designed to provide thermal mass and create a comfortable living temperature all year round. The house features the Cheminées Philippe Radiante 1200DF fireplace.

Beautiful in its simplicity, the Radiante 1200DF creates a dramatic statement with its broad panoramic view of the fire and clean façade. The exceptional quality of Cheminees Philippe’s firebox made it the perfect choice for OOF! Architecture that was looking for high performance from a fireplace.

The unique design of the Radiante 1200DF blends exquisitely into Gantry House, adding natural beauty and warmth to the interior space. It provided the house with excellent heating efficiency and a slow-combustion heater – combined with the ambience and fun of an open fire when the glass door slides up out of view.

Inside Out Brickworks Home

This year’s Inside Out Brickworks Home of the Year Awards are expected to attract exciting entries from across the country, revealing some of the best home design projects in Australia right now. These awards are a celebration of contemporary homes that are built with design, sustainability, purpose and excellence in mind.