EcoSmart Fireplaces for indoors
Meet Orbit: A futuristic focal point.

As autumn nights begin to cool down and freezing winters creep closer, home gatherings and parties head indoors. So, it’s time to prepare your space to enjoy long evenings inside with the help of a bioethanol fire. Why bioethanol? Because it requires no chimneys and produces no smoke, making it an excellent solution for warm indoor areas. 

Depending on the design, you can choose from an array of bioethanol fireplaces that vary in size and shape and the amount of heat they radiate. That being said, we give you EcoSmart’s brand-new Orbit Designer Fireplace – one of the market’s most economical and efficient indoor fires.

Introducing the Orbit

Orbit Designer Fireplace

Made from long-lasting and low-impact materials, the Orbit Designer Fireplace is a futuristic indoor fireplace, which can quickly deliver an ‘orbital’ 360-degree flame. It’s an ultramodern, elevated ethanol fireplace with surround views. Glass surrounds ensure a stunning focal point is visible from different angles.

Fuelled by renewable fuel, the Orbit Designer Fireplace is a great way to create visual interest and beautifully define an indoor space. A sustainable fireplace quickly captures attention and makes a bold décor statement.

In addition to that, the Orbit also complies with the ACCC Safety Mandate. Key features of the Orbit Designer Fireplace include:

  • Durable: The Orbit is built from robust black powder-coated stainless steel and toughened glass surrounds.
  • No flue and no electricity: It’s a freestanding fireplace that can add warmth and ambience without producing any smoke.
  • Quick and easy installation: With no installation or chimney works required, unpack the ethanol fireplace and put it into position.
  • Portable fireplace: As fully portable indoor fireplaces, you can move the Orbit between rooms and outdoor spaces.
  • Environmentally friendly: These bioethanol fireplaces use a renewable energy source that burns clean and delivers warming heat.
  • Real flame: Enjoy the tranquillity of a real fire without the hassle of burning any wood and producing any embers.
  • Rotating stand: With a designed-to-rotate black stainless steel stand, the Orbit enables easy placement at the heart of your room.
  • Sleek aesthetics: Raised with a glass-surrounded burner for maximum visibility, the fire will bring a warm aesthetic to your architectural space.
  • Long-lasting performance: Featuring an AB3 Ethanol Burner, the Orbit can give up to 11 hours of burn time to entertain you and your guests.
  • Tested worldwide: The Orbit is thoroughly tested against several global standards and satisfies the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

EcoSmart’s clean and sustainable burning

EcoSmart Fireplace

When fuelled by e-NRG Bioethanol, EcoSmart Fireplaces become the most eco-friendly option available. With no smoke and soot, your clean-burning bioethanol fire can be used indoors without requiring any building work. It uses e-NRG to achieve a beautiful ambience in your bioethanol fireplace and produces a vibrant orange flame.

So, don’t let those colder months get you down this year. Get ready to create an intimate ambience in your indoor area. For more info regarding the Orbit Designer Fireplace, get in touch!