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Nothing feels more nostalgic than the smell of burning hardwood filling the air and flickering flames warming the interior. Fire is humanity’s greatest recreation that has long been used for heating purposes. It keeps you warm, soothes your mind and creates a beautiful atmosphere to dwell in. So, why not bring one inside your Australian home this winter season?

Back in the day, wood heaters were not considered environment-friendly. However, the present is different. Luckily, today’s models are efficient and meet most environmental protection guidelines. In fact, some of them are able to reduce heating bills by nearly half when energy prices go high.

If you want to enjoy the real experience of iconic Australian-made wood heaters, then here are the top Australian-made wood heating brands that are going to enhance your heating experience this winter.

Nectre wood heaters -Timeless design and exceptional warmth

For decades, Nectre wood heaters have been the favourite choice of many Australians. The brand is popular for manufacturing reliable fires with robust heat outputs, low emissions and timeless designs. Whether you’re searching for a contemporary inbuilt wood heater or a classic double-sided wood heater, you won’t find any better place to look for high-quality Australian-made wood heaters.

Aussies love the warmth and style of Nectre because it’s perfect for small suburban homes and country cottages. On top of that, it is compact enough to fit almost anywhere. And you know what? Nectre heaters are also available with a cooktop for added functionality. This is a great perk for cooking enthusiasts like myself.Nectre wood heatersTake Nectre 15 wood heaters for instance: They are the bestseller heater that comes with variations on legs, pedestals and wood stack options. These heaters are beautifully compact yet powerful enough to heat any space. With a high-efficiency rating and modest heating, they can create a welcoming vibe in any space of any size. Top features include:

  • The emission rate of 1.3 g
  • Heating capacity of up to 160m2
  • Firebrick lining to optimise thermal mass
  • Tiny footprint with remarkable heating output
  • Available in legs, pedestals or woodstacker

Kemlan wood heaters – Designed for Australian climate conditions

Established in 1969, Kemlan is one of Australia’s longest-running heater manufacturers, offering state-of-the-art designs, seamless functionality and efficient heating properties. When choosing an Australian-made wood heater for your space, going with Kemlan would be a great option for you. It is a reliable brand among those Aussies that don’t want to invest in hefty electrical or gas heaters.

Kemlan wood heaters are designed for Australian wood species and climate conditions. They provide quick heat when you need long and efficient burn times during those bone-chilling winter nights. This is because these are slow combustion heaters that will keep you warm without burning too much wood.

Kemlan wood heaters Melbourne

For example, Kemlan C900 freestanding wood heaters are sleek slow combustion heaters that come with variations on their own, including meridian base and wood stack base. This particular model has a freestanding, high-efficiency and modern burning feature, which is completely designed in Queensland. It also includes a large door opening to let pieces of wood be easily loaded for longer burning sessions.

  • Heats an area of up to 300m2
  • Up to nine hours of burning time
  • 6mm steel backplate for a solid firebox
  • Ultra-low 0.6 gram particulate
  • Clean ceramic glass-viewing area with a pre-heated air wash system

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