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Icon Fires – An iconic brand for iconic homes

When it comes to making home additions, it is increasingly becoming a trend to make choices that are more environmentally friendly. As people begin to acknowledge the impact that their choices make on the planet, they come to care more about helping to protect it. One such home addition you can make this season is installing the Icon Fires ethanol fireplace.

Iconic ethanol fireplaces

Icon Fires fireplaces

Offering the industry’s longest linear burners that produce an even flame for dramatic effect, Icon Fires fireplaces are the widest in the market with the slimmest dimensions. They are designed for luxury living and are available in a stunning range of ethanol wall-mounted and inbuilt fireplaces/designs.

The engineering and design teams at Icon Fires are continually working on development, evolution and innovation. Their rich history in the production of ethanol fireplaces makes them leaders in the industry.

With Icon Fires, you can install flueless ethanol burners in your own custom project. These burners are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations.

The perks of using Icon Fires

Ethanol Fireplaces

You may be unaware of just how environmentally friendly these fireplaces are, compared to traditional fires. But the more you learn about the benefits of Icon Fires, the more likely you are to opt for a choice that avoids environmental pollution and provides you with the aesthetically pleasing warmth you want. So, let’s take a quick look at the perks of Icon Fires fireplaces.

  • Produces no smoke: Icon Fires burners use an environmentally friendly and renewable energy source (bioethanol).
  • Provides a gentle heat: The natural, dancing flame creates some instant warmth and results in a beautiful ambience.
  • Offers control: The unique flame control is exclusive to Icon Fires.
  • Simple to fill and use: To fuel the burner, simply open the combustible chamber and fill it with liquid bioethanol.
  • Achieves high performance: Icon Fires uses advanced technologies to achieve the highest efficiency, functionality and refinement.
  • Made of high-quality materials: These fireplaces are made of industry’s highest quality materials.

Icon Fires

To sum up…

Fine details and high technologies make it an iconic fireplace brand that burns efficiently, requires no flue and provides controllable ambience. Architects, designers and homeowners from around the world have embraced Icon Fires for many years.

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