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No flue, no smoke, no fuss - Bioethanol Fireplaces

Fire in itself, in its purest state, is both aesthetically warming and captivating. However, sometimes required flue regulations, higher costs or the thought of soot and fuss can overshadow this. Thankfully,  bioethanol fireplaces are all about “no soot, no smoke and no flue required.” Just a pure flame without the inconvenience. Now, you may wonder…

What sets bioethanol fireplaces apart from traditional fireplaces?

bioethanol fireplaces

By investing in bioethanol fireplaces, homeowners can rest assured that they are not merely adding to the ambience and character of their home, but are also contributing to the sustainability of the environment. Bioethanol is a sustainably produced fuel obtained from crop residues which is then converted into 96.2% alcohol through a distillation process. It is through this methodical technique that enables such fireplaces to create a fascinating, dancing flame that results in the production of ‘no smoke or ash’. Whether you are planning to create a custom designed fireplace or overhaul an existing one, bioethanol fireplaces are ideal. When it comes to sophisticated and eco-smart heating solutions, there really is no other choice.

There is no doubt that there are a myriad of fireplaces suitable for all types of settings; however,  ethanol fireplaces are one style that can accommodate any design. Here’s why…

No ash or soot

Ethanol fireplaces are proven to be vastly superior for air quality than other fireplaces as they do not release any ash or soot. In fact, for three hours of bioethanol fuel combustion, the  carbon dioxide produced is equivalent to burning only two average candles.

No chimney

As there is no smoke production with bioethanol fireplaces, there is no need to install a flue or chimney.  Not only does this result in a more effective installation process, but provides homeowners with greater flexibility in terms of positioning indoor fireplaces, subject to the ventilation system working correctly to carry through the fresh air.

Super easy to use

As ethanol fireplaces do not produce any residues and require no chimney, they are effortless  to use and maintain. Another benefit is that the glass of the fireplace remains crystal-clear, allowing the illuminating flame to radiate through.


Bioethanol boasts numerous benefits in the sustainability realm. Compared to gas or wood, it combusts more productively, which means it doesn’t emit harmful gases. Bioethanol burns with 98% efficiency and acts as a renewable resource, not a fossil fuel.

Stylish and sophisticated

Bioethanol fireplaces are designed with style and sophistication in mind. They are not only proficient performers, but also add a polished and sleek ambience to any home. Adhering to all passive house principles, bioethanol fireplaces are a most delightful way to stay warm during the winter months, providing ideal supplementary heat for apartments, studios and townhouses which are centrally heated but require an ambient feel.

Bioethanol fireplaces are incredibly versatile, allowing homeowners greater design flexibility without having to deal with the issue of limitations, particularly for those who cannot install a wood or gas flue in their home. From cocoon fireplaces to handcrafted free-standing pieces, both indoor and outdoor, there is an array of exquisite options for every setting, lifestyle and budget.

Cocoon Indoor Fireplace

Bioethanol or eco-friendly fireplaces are seriously being viewed as the new alternative to the flickering flames of log-burning stoves. As an increasing number of people are embracing home life a lot more than in previous years, many are willing to invest in quality stoves or fireplaces that will make their winter significantly more enjoyable. And with bioethanol, you cannot go wrong!

The final verdict

If you are sustainably-minded and enjoy the ambience of a flickering flame, then ethanol fireplaces are the way to go. They are a flexible, relatively cost-effective option for both indoor and outdoor settings and have been popular across many Australian households with no overriding concerns.  If you are one to be truly captivated by the allure of a real flame then opt for our spectacular eco-friendly fireplaces this winter.