AGA R3 Series 100 Cooker

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If you love the original – on all the time – AGA, but want added functionality and to save money on running costs, then the new 13-amp AGA R3 Series 100 Cooker is the perfect cooker for you. Each oven and hotplate operates independently and it has a high-speed infrared grill and the option of an induction hob. This model seamlessly marries the very latest technology with tradition to offer everything a cook needs. If you have a draughty kitchen, work from home or simply enjoy the cosy AGA warmth in your kitchen, then this is the cooker for you.

Alongside a hotplate offering boiling and simmering modes, this cooker has the added flexibility of a state-of-the-art two-zone induction hob with bridging function. An AGA R3 does much more than just cook. It can take the place of a tumble drier, toaster and bread maker and means you don’t need an electric kettle, cutting down on kitchen clutter.

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