Ambe RC3000 Ceramic Outdoor Heater

From $599 *

Add comfort and warmth to your outdoor area with the Ambe RC3000 Ceramic Outdoor Heater. Sleek and sophisticated, with a digital display and remote control, these heaters will add style to your outdoor space. The widest in the Radiant Ceramic range, the RC3000 boasts up to 3.0kW of thermostatically controlled heat.

Ceramic Radiant Heaters work through an electric element which heats the ceramic blocks within the unit. This heat is then pushed down and outwards. 40% of that energy creates direct heat, and the remaining 60% heats the air between the unit and the person. This means you and the space around you keeps warm.

Ceramic Radiant Heaters provide discreet background heat where style is important and the brightness of an infrared element isn’t desired. The remote control provides complete vicinity control and the digital display gives you a low light indication of the current temperature setting.

*Please note that the RC3000 connection requires either a 15amp plug or a permanent wiring connection. Installation should be performed by an electrician.

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