Archer FS720G Freestanding Gas Fireplace

From $5,834 *

The Archer FS720G Freestanding Gas Fireplace is a 30 Mj single burner Free Standing Heater, which features and incorporates reflective enameled Firebox Liners. This is to create a three dimensional reflection of the flames, giving it a visual striking appearance.

With a 96 % combustion efficiency, the Archer FS720G Freestanding Gas Fireplace has a 5.9 Star Energy Rating. It can heat up an area of up to 100 square metres (10 squares)* and incorporates many features perfect for your home.

Until today, no high heat output, energy-saving gas log space heater has been successfully designed. The Archer FS720G has achieved the ultimate in whole home heating, The Archer combines beautiful styling, energy efficiency and high heat output to give you the most superior product available today to heat your home.

The Archer FS720G does not only feature a burning system that looks realistic, but also incorporates a combustion process, which delivers high efficiency and high heat output (Beauty – Efficiency – Heat). Most other similar products have low levels of efficiency and heat output, as heat output rises it becomes physically more difficult to burn fuel efficiently and quickly before the heat escapes up the flue.

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