Dimplex Toluca Electric Fire

From $600 *

A blend of technology, artistry and craftsmanship, the Dimplex Toluca electric fire uses Optiflame LED flame technology to create the illusion of a true fire. It features built-in Bluetooth speakers that play crackling sounds or your own music. An alluring focal point for your home, the Dimplex Toluca electric fire Optiflame LED Wall Mounted Electric Fire provides warmth and elegance with its sleek, glass fascia frame and realistic flame effects.

Add an eye catching detail to any living space with a Dimplex wall mounted electric fire. Perfectly positioned at eye level, a wall mounted electric fire is the ideal conversation starter. Mesmerising flames create an unrivalled ambience that is sure to be the centre of attentionin the home. A wall mounted electric fire is ideal for those who may not have the floor space to accommodate another form of fire.

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