Dimplex 50″ Prism Electric Fire

From $1,500 *

Bring a luxurious touch, calming vibe, and relaxing warmth to your house’s interior with the Dimplex 50″ Prism Electric Fire. Complete with a glow effect and fan-forced, this 50″ wall mounted Prism fire adds comfort and ambience to any space.

The Dimplex 50″ Prism Electric Fire comes standard with four interchangeable media colours, choice of acrylic ice media bed or white pebbles, wired, seamless design – for built-in installations wired directly to a dedicated circuit for a clean, custom appearance, hanging glass design and flexible installation – choose partially-recessed, fully-recessed or surface mounted. The unit also comes with a remote thermostat control, multi-function remote, LED lighting, all-season flames, cool-touch glass and plug & play.

Crafted with a powerful and efficient fan-forced heater, this PRISM electric fire delivers a comforting ambience to your interior and keeps you warm throughout the winter months.

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