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Experience Heating and Cooker Consultants Melbourne

Wignells team

Wignells have a team of consultants who can offer guidance and recommendations to help you design, supply and install a heating and cooking system that meets your needs.

Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly consultants ask the right questions and listen to your needs and will make choosing a stove or heating solutions enjoyable and easy. Working closely with many of Australia's leading architects, designers and builders we aim to ensure that you get the prefect heater and cooker that best suits your home and needs.

Our interior design consultation service for new homes and renovations is a popular choice for customers who do not have the time or find it hard to select the right heating or cooker solutions. (See Designer Lifestyle Heating & Cooking Solutions)

In-Home heating consultation

Our service extends beyond the front door. If you can't come to our showroom we will happily make a time to visit your home and discuss all aspects for a successful installation. Our “mobile home heating service” is recommended for total home heating system and solutons. We also offer in interior design heating consultation.

We offer a supply and freight service throughout Australia, the neighbouring islands and New Zealand.


Best Stoves on the Market

Wignells consultant

Wignells stock some of the best brands of quality stoves, multi fuel stoves and cookers on the market. We offer a selection of wood, natural or LP gas, electricity and a combination hot water and central heating stoves.

When it comes too stove and cookers our aim is to outline all the features and benefits on every cooker and stove, this enables our customer to make a more informed purchasing decision which will ensure they make the right choice. Whether you are looking for style, cooking efficiency or cost effective outcomes, whatever your needs a Wignells consultant will help you make the best choice for your needs.

Best Heating options

With over 50 years of heating experience Wignell's are well known for supplying the best quality heating brands on the market, our extensive range of quality heaters make it possible for us to provide flexible heating choices and solutions. We source the best heating products from Europe, North America and Australia. With hundreds of heaters and heating systems to choose from, we understand it can be difficult to make a select ion.
Heating is an important buying decision, choosing the right heating solution for you needs will be an investment in comfort and provide energy efficiency. What you choose and how you heat your home will also add equity to your home. This is where our team of experienced and well trained heating consultants will offer suggestions and recommendations.

We listen to our customer's needs, our aim is to outline all the features and benefits for all our products. Whether you are looking for style, heating efficiency or cost effective outcomes, whatever your needs you can feel confident a Wignells consultant will help you make the right choice.

Need help choosing a heating or cooking solution?

Wignells customer service

Our core business is heating and cookers, our team of consultants can help with any of the following needs:

  • Best cookers for baking
  • Classic country cookers and stoves
  • Most popular cookers
  • Freestanding cookers
  • Modern cookers
  • Double oven cookers or two oven cooker
  • Convection oven and multi cookers
  • Easy clean cookers
  • Central heating stoves
  • Stoves that produce hot water
  • Heaters for small spaces slow combustion heaters
  • Best heating system for asthma
  • Heaters for small rooms
  • Heaters for large rooms
  • Most efficient home heating systems
  • Clean air heating systems
  • Best heating systems for allergies
  • Contemporary wood heating
  • Traditional wood heating
  • Most popular heaters for new homes
  • Best heaters for outdoor
  • Fireplace inserts
  • The best gas log fires
  • Experts on home heating
  • The best outdoor fireplace